ProCalc++ is not your tipical calculator :)

ProCalc++ is an advanced RPN programmer's calculator for your Apple iOS mobile device. Think HP 16c with an update interface and a few extras :)

ProCalc++ can display numbers in any base between 2 and 16, with specific keys for hexadecimal, decimal, octal an binary. Of course, you can also enter values in any of those bases.

Word size can be set to different values from 2 to 64 bits, and arithmetic operations can be performed using unsigned, 2's complement or 1's complement modes.

Included are all the logic operations you would expect, and besides all, it's fully keystroke programmable!

If you have ever used a RPN calculator before, you'll feel right at home with ProCalc++, if you haven't, don't worry, it's easy to learn and once you master it you'll be doing calculations faster than ever :) this article can be a good starting point.

With ProCalc++ you'll be able to do, among other things:

  • Use different word sizes from 2 to 64 to represent values.

  • Use any number base from 2 to 16 to display values.

  • Use unsigned, 2's complement or 1's complement modes.

  • Simple arithmetic functions, +-*/ besides addition or subtraction with carry/borrow.

  • Modulus/Remainder

  • More than 20 different logic operations.

  • Use and display of a carry flag.

  • Use any of it's 16 different program banks to write a program.

  • Store and read values from 256 memory mapped registers directly or indirectly with an index (I) register.

  • Many more ...

  • Take a look at some screenshots ...