MyRPN is an advanced programmable scientific RPN calculator for your iphone or ipod touch with over 200 functions and more coming in next updates.

If you have ever used a RPN calculator before, you'll feel right at home with MyRPN, specifically if you have also used or programmed the likes of HP-41, HP-42s, etc.

If you have never programmed a calculator, don't worry, it's as easy as punching keys as if you were doing whatever operation, and besides, there is plenty you can do with MyRPN without writing a single program line :)

If you don't know what RPN means, don't worry, it's easy to learn and once you master it you'll be doing calculations faster than ever.

With MyRPN you'll be able to do, among other things:

  • Use trigonometric functions, exponentials, logarithms, etc.

  • Complex numbers calculations (including trigonometrics, exponentials, etc.).

  • Use the Built-in Equation Solver to solve for any variable on an equation.

  • Solve Finance Problems with the included TVM solver.

  • Work with hexadecimals (more bases on the way) and do some logic operations.

  • Many more ...

  • And, yes, you can also use basic math functions :)

  • Take a look at some screenshots ...