Cross Math!

CrossMath! is a puzzle game in which you will have to use some math skills to find out the numbers missing in the grid.

The rules are very simple. When you apply the given operations to the missing numbers in the grid, the result must equal that shown for each row and column.

In order to solve the grid, you will need to use your math skills, but don't worry, these are simple operations (sums, subtractions, multiplications and divisions), so it will be easy to find out the numbers... weeeeeell, nop. it depends :)

There are three levels to choose from,

  • easy being really easy, just for beginners
  • normal, the most fun to play
  • hard being quite hard, for you all math geniuses :)
  • There is also a hint system in the game, just in case you get stuck at some point :)

    Take a look at some screenshots ...